5 Reasons why you need a Last Mile Experience solution.

Most businesses only realize they need a Carrier Management solution too late in the game. Here are some signs that you should be talking to us.

1. Your home delivery sales customer retention rate is bad.

If you have a retention rate of less than 50% it means that less than 1 out 2 of your customers are not coming back to buy from you after the first order. Something is terribly wrong.

If this problem is comparatively worse than it is on your in-store sales, you know you have a last mile experience problem.

You might want to give your customers a chance to rate their experience and keep track of what problems might be affecting your customer satisfaction.

2. Your customer service team is flooded by customer questions about their orders.

If 70% of customer service calls are WIMO (where is my order?) it's time to provide your customers with proactive updates and a self service approach to tracking their orders. This will decrease your customer service overhead and allow them to focus more on up-selling rather than fire fighting.

3. You don't know what your delivery service level rate is.

If you don't know what percentage of your orders has been actually delivered within the promised date then chances are you need to start tracking your deliveries and keeping an eye on what is really going on.

4. Your business' digital channel is booming and your are going international.

That's great news. But how are you going to scale your delivery operations without loosing sight of your service quality? Typically you will need to work with multiple 3PL and ensure your service levels adapt to different countries.

5. Your shipping costs are cutting through your margins like a knife!

Chances are you haven't optimized your shipping strategy by using the most efficient carrier for different cities or order types.

To do this you will need a tool that eliminates the cost and complexity of managing multiple 3PL before your start expanding your network.

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