Why Retail is looking at Shipping the wrong way, and three steps to do it right.

Retailers are looking at Shipping the wrong way. It is a hassle no one wants to deal with. It is the desperation of many managers and the reason why digital businesses have such low margins. After all, they must match brick & mortar prices, pay for traffic acquisition and on top of that still pay for delivery expenses.

But what if Shipping was actually an opportunity solution to improve margins and business performance overall? Here is how in three steps.

Step 1 - Elevate the experience and build customer retention

Make the shipping experience a bliss for customers. Create a journey that is flawless giving customers the ability to know where their order is at any time and in real time.

Automatically trigger notifications to warn customers of any delays and offer them an apology and a small token of appreciation if the delivery falls behind the promised date.

Finally, allow them to rate their experience and be part of building up the brand.

Step 2 - Avoid delays and improve costs

Use as many different carriers as you can and use stores as fulfillment centers to get the best delivery options for each location and each customer. This will reduce shipping costs and reduce delivery times.

Step 3 - Track Service Levels and Last Mile Experience and be efficient

Measure shipping performance in different regions and compare delivery options against each other to improve over time.

Want to start looking at shipping the right way? Talk to us!

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